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As arguably the best online casino in Malaysia, Acewin8 has to choose from a multitude of gambling software companies in order to provide a fun experience for the customer.

That being said, one of the biggest money-makers for an online casino is slots. Practically, all online casinos have slots available to them as they are some of the most popular forms of casual gambling.

Gameplay Interactive is one of the chief slots providers in South Asia as their catalog of games is huge and varied. Each game is made with care and directed towards the player for the maximum entertainment factor. Gameplay Interactive provides a lot of the slots games to Acewin8, a trusted online casino 2022 has to offer.

History of Gameplay Interactive

Within the online gambling software circles, Gameplay Interactive is a relative newcomer, having entered the industry in 2013. Rather than concentrate on a specific casino experience such as live dealers or casino games, they try to bring the full casino experience to you.

Gameplay Interactive has worked on and developed a variety of different casino games and a few will be mentioned below.

i. Slots:

Slots are Gameplay Interactive’s most popular titles and sometimes online casinos will use their whole slots catalog as it has nearly 100 titles.

Slots are easy to play and don’t take much money or time. The sheer number and variation of different games are something to behold, as it provides a player ample opportunity to win.

ii. Casino Games:

As mentioned before, despite its youth, Gameplay Interactive has a huge number of card-based gambling games such as Texas hold ‘em, Seven-card stud, Baccarat, and Blackjack. Other games such as Roulette are also present, in both live and virtual format.

iii. Live Dealer Casino:

For players who wish to experience the feeling of a live casino atmosphere, Gameplay Interactive also boasts a large number of live dealer services. With the help of high-quality streaming services, you can interact with a dealer and get the experience of being in a real casino.

Famous Slot Game on Gameplay Interactive

Other than the Gameplay Interactive poker and live dealer games, slots are amongst the most popular and one of the biggest earners for any online casino. Here are a few famous and popular titles from Gameplay Interactive.

● Bikini Beach

A summer and beach-themed slots game that features a variety of bikini-clad women. It has 5 reels and 15 pay lines. Soft, soothing Caribbean music transports you to a beach and the beautiful girls accompany you along with your winnings. Each reel has a chance to give you a free spin and a bonus payout.

● Fa Fa Zhou

Fa Fa Zhu has a cheery cartoony look with a pig mascot. With 3 reels and 9 pay lines, the game is quite volatile and has a high RTP. Most of the game is featured around Chinese New Year and interpretations of wealth and fortune in Chinese culture.

● Money Monkey

Money Monkey features a monkey mascot bearing a likeness to Sun Wukong, the monkey king. Like Bikini Beach, there are a total of 5 reels and 15 pay lines. Free spins and bonuses are also available, a special feature of the game is that you can bet and spin 1 reel for greater winnings or bonuses.

Benefits Of Playing Online Slot Of Gameplay Interactive

Online slots are the most popular game in an online casino and for good reason, they’re one of the highest paying games to play based on the sheer quantity.

Below we note a few benefits of online slots.

i. Variety

Often, you can become bored by playing the same game over and over, especially if it’s something like poker or blackjack. In the case of online slots, there is a huge number of different types of slots with their own, unique types of gameplay.

ii. Rewards

Many online casinos often offer several different rewards. The most common is the signup bonus and following closely behind is the top-up offer, where you can avail extra balance when you add to your casino wallet. Usually, all of this allows you free spins and extra chips in order to keep playing.

iii. Stakes and Returns

When it comes to slots, you can play with either a lot or a little money. The reward percentage remains the same regardless of the amount of money being bet. Online slots also have the highest return to players and often return up to 97% percent of all winnings.

iv. Tournaments, increased payouts, and winnings

Slots tournaments are common in online casinos and during these tournaments, the chances of winning payouts and jackpots are much higher than normal play.

v. Convenience

An online casino is available anywhere as the only thing you need to access to is a computer, smartphone, or smart device. Online casinos also don’t close and can be accessed any time of the day. Nowadays many online casinos make use of smartphone apps in order to attract and retain players.

Tips To Play Online Slot On AW8

If you’re just starting out with online casinos, slots are a good place to start as they are quite friendly to newcomers. AW8 is a trusted online casino Malaysia has to offer. With our tips, you can master online slots with ease.

Stable Connection

As the name states, an online casino is primarily online and a stable connection is paramount if you want to have a positive and enjoyable experience with slots. If you have an unstable connection you may miss out on winnings.

Practice makes perfect

Most, if not all the games in an online casino often let you play with free credits. Once you’ve gotten a hang of the game, you can start playing with real money and perhaps make some too.

Manage your time and budget

It is very easy to lose money and lose track of the time you’re playing the slots, so bet carefully and you may be able to play the slots for a longer time. If you play carefully and take frequent breaks, you will have a more pleasant and positive experience.

Claim Your Slot Game Bonus and Promotions In AW8

Acewin8 always has promotions for players, whether you are just joining in or have been playing for a while, there is something for everyone.

● Free Starter Pack

People who register a new account and deposit MYR 50 into any slots, sports, or live casino can avail of a bonus of up to 120%.

● First Game on Us

Members with no prior betting history can get full cashback if they have placed a bet of MYR 100 on any soccer match and lose that bet.

● 150% Welcome Bonus

Registering an account and depositing MYR 50 in any sport, live casino, slots, or lottery can get up to a 150% bonus.


Acewin8 is a trusted online casino not only in Singapore but also in Malaysia. They offer a variety of different online gambling from slots to poker and betting. Check out Gameplay Interactive at the casino for some fun time!

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