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AW8 Best Live Casino Malaysia 2022

Plenty of online casinos have emerged over the internet, claiming to provide live casino opportunities to gamblers. The legitimacy of these casinos is still questionable and cannot be trusted for live casino online.

The best online casino, AW8, in this case, has a good reputation in terms of security and authenticity, which makes it the most trusted online casino 2022 in Malaysia. This trusted online casino Malaysia is licensed by PAGCOR for its high security and user data encryption.

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What is a Live Casino?

Live casino has always been the most sought online gaming and gambling option that the patrons are interested in. Through the online casino live sessions, gamblers enjoy lucrative betting opportunities from home, with the live dealers handling their games.

The Acewin8 has a mobile app for bettors and gamblers, which ensures that they can effortlessly bet on different live dealer opportunities. This has gained tremendous support and popularity, as the gamblers can enjoy live casinos at any time of the day they want.

Through the live dealer option in this trusted online casino 2022, the patrons sitting anywhere in the world can play a game on betting or simply bet on a game played at that time. There are live dealers available at this casino to handle your betting wagers vigilantly.

The live casino Malaysia has the most reliable software vendors to provide the best games for experiencing the live casino opportunity. There are a number of games including, Live Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker Online.

Types of Malaysia Live Casino Games Acewin8

Now that you know about what a live casino is, there are games that Acewin8 offers to avails and enjoy the live dealer option. The famous live casino online games are listed below.


With the smallest house edges, Baccarat has gained popularity worldwide in the section of online casino live. This game is handled and catered by experienced live dealers. The dealers ensure that each bettor gets equal chances of a fair game.

Through this live casino online game, players compete face to face with the live dealer to find the highest value hand. The one getting the hand with the highest value will win, or the game would end in a tie.

Bettors have an equal opportunity of winning the highest value hand, like the live dealer to win the Baccarat. There are several versions of this live dealer game which include Live Baccarat Squeeze, Live Speed Baccarat, or the classic Baccarat. Players can check and play these versions according to their needs.

The trusted online casino Malaysia uses multiple camera angles to keep the game fair, allowing the gamer to move the game faster.


The live Blackjack gives the thrill and feels of being at the land-based casino. Players sit around a blackjack table virtually, whereas the live dealer blackjack handles the game. Primarily the player competes against the live dealer to ensure that their original two cards are adding up to 21.

To ace, this game the players on this table doesn’t have to worry as long as they can bet the live dealer blackjack’s hand. This game is also available in different versions; some of these variants include Live Common Draw Blackjack and Live Blackjack Early.

Through the live common draw blackjack, every player is required to share their starting two cards. It helps the players determine how to play and navigate their cards. The players can use their cards before the dealer takes a draw for each player’s hands.


This game is one of the oldest and most popular games in the live casino Malaysia. The live roulette game comprises a live dealer and a wheel. The wheel of live Roulette was invented by Blaise Pascal, a French physicist inventor and mathematician.

It is one of the most popular table games to play at online casinos. In the list of casinos to offer live roulette, AW8 is at the upfront. This game of the live casino at the best online casino is a game of chance.

Through Acewin8 roulette, players take their chances by making predictions and hoping for them to come true. The chances of winning and losing in this live roulette vary greatly, leaving all the players dazzled while doubling the excitement. The bets are handled directly by the live dealer roulette, who ensure fair play.

This online live casino has three main types, American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette. Each type has differences, many new variations. These different versions of the live roulette have helped expand and improve the variety and excitement of this game for all online gaming and gambling enthusiasts.

Poker Online

In the live dealer Malaysia, poker remains one of the most famous live casino games. It promotes a healthy playing time for players by providing communication between live dealers and players. The fairness of the game is determined by several cameras at work during the game.

AW8 provides the opportunity of playing this casino live game without having to worry about anything.

Famous Game Developers Malaysia Live Casino Acewin8

Acewin8 has the best software vendors to provide a smooth gaming experience to its users. These game developing software are explained below in detail.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is one of the best gaming software vendors to provide high-quality online live casino games. The live dealer games offered by this vendor include live Baccarat, Lightning Roulette, Live Roulette, and Slot Games.

The players can download these games easily from the casino site and played at ease whenever required.


Microgaming is a leading developer for online casino games. It was launched in 2006 and made it possible for gamers and gamblers to engage in live casino games. The games offered by this vendor are Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Poker.

Pragmatic Play

The Pragmatic Play offers the most popular casino games with a completely thrilling and realistic gaming experience that creates the atmosphere as a land-based casino while delivering it online. 

It gives all the advantages in online play such as complete betting history, detailed game statics, quick and easy bets, sound effects, animation and many more. It gives a great experience of gaming while playing it online. Its unique and thrilling effect makes the game more enjoyable while playing.

Benefits of Playing Live Casino Game Malaysia on Acewin8

This casino also has an option of live dealer online, which allows the gamers and gamblers to make deals with the live dealers without getting up from their sofa. This live casino Malaysia option has gathered a lot of attention over the passage of time, which has made Acewin8 the best online casino for live casino opportunities.

There are only very few online casinos Malaysia that offer the opportunity to work with a live dealer without having to leave the front door for a genuine casino live experience. Acewin8 has aced this race by frequenting the fun in non-stop online live dealer options, which is significantly loved by the patrons.

This casino fills up the lives of patrons everywhere in the world, with the bliss of gambling from the places they are through its online casino live option. This online live casino AW8 has evolved and yet evolving over time to consistently provide the best gaming and gambling opportunities.

In short, Acewin8 offers the following benefits for playing live casino online games:

  • Real-time gaming:  At AW8 provides a real-time gaming experience to the patrons similar to the land-based casinos. Players can create the online live casino by setting up authentic game settings for real play.

  • Mobile gaming: The best online casino has another amazing feature that allows the users to enjoy gaming, betting, and conversations with live dealers in the most convenient mobile way.

  • Live chat: The live chat option of this live casino provides an opportunity to get information about gaming and gambling directly from the casino.

  • Bonuses and promotions: Acewin8 offers several live casino bonuses that keep the patrons hooked to live gaming opportunities.

Best Strategy & Tips on How to Win Live Dealer Games Malaysia

Following are few tips to win live dealer games:

Go for top RTP Games

Paying close attention to payback RTP is the best strategy to win live dealer games at the live dealer Malaysia. One of such games with the best RTP is blackjack online (99.28% figure). So you should for a live dealer game that has the best RTP.

Some other tips that can help you win live dealer games Malaysia are listed below:

  • Use mathematical calculations to develop successful betting strategies. Use flat betting, proportionate betting practices for a start.
  • Take benefit of casino bonuses to make the best out of the live casino games.
  • Know the live casino limits and rules.
  • Stay up to date with your gaming rights.

Online Casino Malaysia FAQ


There is the only way of playing live casinos is by using casino bonuses. When you claim a live casino bonus, you will receive some free bonus money, and you can use that on live games.


Live casinos are legit alternatives to actual visit to physical casinos. It is offered by most online casinos to provide a closely duplicated experience that mimics real gambling in the brick-and-mortar casino.


There are a number of online casinos. However, AW8 remains the best online casino. It has a wide range of gaming and gambling opportunities.


Players can earn money in live casinos by playing games or betting on different esports to win cash.

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