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We are highly committed to safeguarding the personal data and privacy expectations of our users on AW8. For this purpose, we have devised a strict Privacy Policy and have employed the best and most trusted security measures. These tight measures help us ensure no one could ever breach our security or could access the personal data of our users, or could undermine their privacy.

Online Gambling and Legal Terms in Malaysia

You must know that gambling is illegal under Malaysian law, but it does not say anything about online casinos as the laws were made years before the advent of internet and online gambling. The Malaysian gambling laws are dictated by three frameworks: Lotteries Act of 1952, Betting Act 1953, Common Gaming Houses Act 1953, and Sharia Law.

None of these laws address online gambling or clearly declare that playing at “online casinos” is illegal, except the Sharia Law that forbids only Muslims to participate in any kind of betting or gambling activity.

Moreover, Malaysian law enforcement overlooks the online gambling activities owing to the fact that Malaysia is a one of those countries which favors their locals, and let them enjoy their personal space. So, if you want to test your luck with online gambling within Malaysia, you can have that fun.

Our Policy

We are a reliable and most trusted online casino in Malaysia that is licensed by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). So, you should never worry about the safety and security of your personal as well as financial information. Keep on reading to learn more about our Privacy Policy which precisely covers the following points:

  • Data we collect 
  • Cookies information
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Data security

Please note these rules, policies, and terms and conditions, which you are currently reading on this page, replace every other pre-existing policies, rules, and terms & conditions that have ever appeared on this website.

Data Collection

We collect two types of data from every user who visits our site. You can learn about details of these types of data the below:

Personal Data

  • The first type of data we collect is of personal nature, which may include the following details about you:

  • Your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and ID number, birth date, gender, etc.

  • Your credit/debit card number and your bank account details

  • Information about the software and hardware of your device, including your MAC address, IP address, IMEI, UDID, and location information.

  • Publicly available information about you on your social media account if you choose to sign up via social media.

Non-personal Data

The second type of data we collect is non-personal. This data cannot be used to identify you. This data includes technical information, gameplay information, connection information, analytics information, and anonymous information.

How Your Data is Used?

Your personal data is used for the following purposes:

  • To create, manage, and update your account
  • To provide you with your required services
  • To contact and communicate with you
  • To inform you about our new arrivals (services) 
  • To analyse our services in light of your technical data
  • To ensure that you’re getting the gaming environment you expect from us
  • To determine for which services and games you are eligible 
  • To catch and curb fraudulent activities 
  • To investigate the violations of our rules, policies, and user agreement 
  • To resolve disputes about the use of services, winnings, deposits, and withdrawals

Cookies Information

When you visit our website or engage with our content via your mobile device, or desktop computer, we use cookies, cookies or other related tracking technologies to automatically collect data about you and your mobile device or computer. We collect this information for the following purposes:

  • To enhance players’ navigation on website and services
  • To improve performance of the website and services
  • To customise your experience on our website and services
  • To collect stats about use of our services
  • To perform analytics for improving our services 
  • To provide you with relevant content tailored to your interests
  • To make our website work efficiently
  • To remember your language preferences

We, or a third party on our behalf, may use one or all of these tracking technologies to collect information about you: strictly necessary tracking, storing tracking, performance tracking, functionality tracking, social media tracking, and marketing or advertising tracking technologies.

Data Security

To ensure the security of our users' information, we employ industry-standard procedures and controls, including:

  • Firewalls, intrusion prevention, and protected network topology
  • Encryption
  • Access control as well as authentication
  • Audit tests (both internal and external), etc.

While we take reasonable measures to safeguard information, we cannot be liable for the acts of others who abuse the services or gain unauthorized access, and we make no guarantee that they are prevented.

General Terms and Conditions

As mentioned earlier that gambling is legally banned in Malaysia. However, the Malaysian gambling laws dictated by the frameworks including Lotteries Act of 1952, Betting Act 1953, Common Gaming Houses Act 1953, and Sharia Law, don’t specifically address online gambling.

So, the online casinos fall in grey area with no clear law against them. Besides this, the law enforcement for online gambling is not strict, which gives you the chance to have some fun online by placing bets and playing casino games.

Having said this, we hereby inform you that no responsibility would lay on us if you face any kind of legal challenges, either from the government or law enforcement agencies.

Another factor that should be considered is that most casinos in Malaysia are operating illegally, that scam with users. But we are totally trusted and reliable as our online casino is being operated under regulations and monitoring where the chances of scams or fraud are less than zero.

Secondly, we are neither an offshore venture nor our casino operates from underground. We're based in Malaysia with the mission to provide Malaysian gamblers with a top-notch gambling platform.


Please re-visit this page frequently because we have every right to update or change our Privacy Policy anytime. You will receive an email regarding any substantial changes to this policy as soon as they become available on our services. Upon providing notice of such changes, the changes will take effect within seven (7) days.

Our customer care staff is available to assist you with any questions (or comments) you may have about your personal data or our Privacy & Policy.

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