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The Famous Live Casino Provider AW8 Malaysia - Dream Gaming

Dream Gaming is a trusted name in the Asian casino market when it comes to fairness, professionalism, and responsible gaming conduct.

It is a promising live online casino coming with tons of features including various games, the adaptation of the latest cutting edge technical standards, adamant security protocols, and super-responsive customer support. Dream Gaming apps aim to provide the players with the highest level of gaming experience.

History Of Dream Gaming

DG casino download is an online live casino that is based in Thailand. It is a relatively new name in the Asian online gambling scene because it was founded in 2017 which is quite recent. However, their starting wasn’t indeed a slow one and since their release, they have started to grow significantly popular.

They have released their Dream Gaming PC or web-based platform and Dream Games app that can be downloaded and used from any android and apple device. On top of that, they have adapted to the HTML5 technology which paved the way for Dream Gaming demo to be universally compatible regardless of the platform.

Famous Game Types Of Dream Gaming

Dream Gaming casino offers different types of traditional Asian games and other internationally popular games as well. Mainly, Dream Gaming offers 6 types of games namely: Baccarat, Roulette, Three Cards, Fight Bull, Dragon tiger, and Sic Bo.

These games have another vast array of divisions as well. Let's know about some of the most famous types of games in Dream Gaming live casino.

Three Cards

Three cards are a type of poker game that is very popular among casinos. One of the main reasons that three card games are popular is that the rules are fairly simple.

Each player has to deal with three cards and they have the option to fold or continue by placing a wager. Each table of three cards can make room for seven players and the members of DG casino online have the opportunity to enjoy three cards sitting in their home.

Fight Bull

This is a traditional Chinese card game also referred to as Bull Bull or Siu Siu. In this type of game, players compete against the house or casino instead of one another. The winner is decided on the basis of the best hand which means the hand with the top combination consisting of five cards.


Undoubtedly roulette is a very popular game worldwide. Dream Gaming offers a handful of different variations of Roulette for you to pick from. You are most likely to find your preferred type of roulette variant that you can enjoy.

Benefits Of Playing Live Casino Of Dream Gaming

Dream Gaming is an excellent live online casino that provides you with many benefits aiming to elevate your gaming experience. Let's get to know some of the salient features of Dream Gaming.

Wide Selection of Games

Even though Dream Gaming is relatively new in the live online casino market, its selection of games may surprise you. It's amazing how much they are offering and have developed in such a short time span.

You will find some of the most popular casino games worldwide with some of the popular and traditional casino games of Asia


Dream Gaming offers live casinos on the go. This means that you can play your favorite casino game from anywhere without being required to physically attend a casino.

And their technological measures ensure smooth connectivity with fluid transitions every time. Of course, you need to ensure a good internet connection on your part as well.

Simple UI

Dream Gaming has both web-based and app available so that you can play online live casinos whenever you want. Their website and app feature a very simple and user-friendly interface that is very easy to navigate.

Even if you have never played any online live casino games, you are not likely to face any problem navigating all by yourself.

24/7 Customer Support

Dream Gaming features outstanding customer support. Their support crews are trained technicians and professionals who are ready to provide you with any sort of support whenever you need it.

They are very friendly and you will get an immediate response from the customer support service.

Tips To Play Live Casino Games On AW8

AW8 or Acewin8 is a trusted online casino Malaysia has to offer. It is a trusted online casino 2022 where you can find many games to play and enjoy. Before getting started, let's get to know things that would ultimately benefit you in the long run:

Solid internet connection

This is probably the most important tip because your live casino gaming experience will be severely impacted if you don't have a good internet connection. This may result in you losing bets after bets and a lot of money of course. To maintain a smooth connection, you need to ensure a robust and consistent internet connection.

Be tactical

Always be tactical while playing live casino games. It’s not always your luck that wins you bets and money. You need to know the game and the goal is to always stay a few steps ahead of your opponents.

Do not chase losses

It is important to know that you are not likely to win all the time and it's okay to lose sometimes. If you lose, it's wise not to chase the loss because it most likely would bring you more loss and you might just end up being broke.

Have fun

Games are meant to be fun and keep that in mind. Don’t always make it about win or lose because it takes away the fun of any game. So, win or lose, make sure to enjoy the game and have fun.

Claim Your Live Casino Bonus and Promotions In AW8

AW8 provides some of the most exciting promotional offers in the market. Let's get to know about some of them:

● Newbie Bonus

According to the name, this offer is only applicable to newly registered users. If you want to enjoy this offer, you need a minimum deposit of MYR 50 and a 120% bonus of up to MYR 60.

● Welcome Bonus

This is another great promotional offer for newly registered users, which can provide new users with a huge welcome bonus of 150% to get a minimum deposit of MYR 50 bonus.

● Weekend Reload Bonus

This only applies to VIP members. VIP members have a minimum deposit of MYR 200 to receive a 20% bonus on weekends.

● Perfect Attendance Reward

Play AW8 regularly to get good rewards. AW8 provides a generous bonus of 168 ringgits for players who regularly participate, with a daily bet of 1688 ringgits.


Dream Gaming has developed a lot in such a short time. It has a great potential of growing as the best online casino platform in the near future. Even if you are new in the online live casino realm, this is something that you can try.

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